novel diverse Press Filmo short film feature film Texts Films Home ??? ContactJean-Claude Taki lives and works in Paris. Musician at first, he has worked on many films (short and documentary films) as a sound operator and composed soundtracks. At the same time, he made his own short films for which he received prizes in French and foreign films festivals. Then he made his first feature film “Aurore/Number 9”. In 2005, invited by the Forum des images in Paris, he has continued his work as a filmmaker and has extended his search for new formal and narrative ways of filmmaking by using a mobile phone as a camera. His films are then shown as well in cinema as in art center [LACDA (Los angeles Center of Digital Art) / Museum of Contemporary Art – Washington DC, Centre Pompidou - Paris...]. His narrative themes are absence, traces, dissolution, disappearance. His book “LETTRES KAZAKHES” illustrated by Guillaume Reynard edited by the Editions Intervalles in November 2007. In August 2008, a retrospective of his films has been presented at the Open Cinema International Film Festival in St Petersburg - Russia. February 2010, he presented "Self-Portrait 365" in the group exhibition "The real new opium?" at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire - Paris In june 2010, a retrospective of his films has been presented at the Forum des images in Paris. His feature film "SOTCHI 255" received the First Prize of the Jury at the International Competition of Documenta Madrid 2011 and the National Award Georges de Beauregard at the FIDMarseille - 2010 National theatrical release, March 21, 2012 In 2012, the Côté Court Festival offers a focus on his work. March 2013, HORIZON // TALES exhibition with Guillaume Reynard at Alma Ata Art Center and the French Consulate in Almaty - Kazakhstan. October 2013, he released with the Éditions Intervalles "SOTCHI INVENTAIRE" (novel) and "SOTCHI POUR MÉMOIRE" (poem accompanying drawings of Guillaume Reynard) In 2014, Jean-Claude Taki gets a film residence at the Espace Khiasma, Les Lilas, in the framework of La Fabrique Phantom. 2014-2015 achievement of all videos for MMM-Mons Memorial Museum, Museum on the theme of war, opening April 3, 2015
DVD SOTCHI 255 Publisher : Apatom On sale here

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