Filmo Contact Links novel diverse Texts short film feature film SOTCHI 255 2010 - mobile video - 115’ - couleur - stereo - Prod. Apatom The Sochi storm, Irina and fifty other victims have disappeared without a trace. A year later, Guillaume sets out to discover what really happened in the month of August 2006, but he disappears abandoning his drawings and his diary in room 255 of the Primorskaïa Hotel... - First Prize of the Jury at the Festival DOCUMENTA MADRID 2011 - National Award Georges de Beauregard at the FIDMarseille 2010 - Les États Généraux du Documentaire – Lussas 2010 Theatrical release, March 21, 2012
AURORE / Number 9 2005 - 35 mm - DV - 79’ - coulor - stereo - Prod. Atopic Aurelia Nuto, an actress, has an audition in a large bare room. When asked to relate the events of the previous day, she finds herself rapidly at a loss for words, unable to make sense or even remember the flow of insignificance. Alone in his hotel room, Jean-Claude Thorens, a writer, reads the manuscript of the novel he has just finished, an adaptation of the Orpheus myth. In London, Naples and Paris human beings meet without ever finding each other, as if the distance between them was never right. This is the story of brief encounters in which fiction and reality blend in a continuous stream of solitude. Open Cinema 2008 St Petersburg / Thessalonique 2005 / Barcelone 2005 / Medellin 2006
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