Filmo Press Links novel diverse Texts short film feature film Films HomeLETTRES KAZAKHES / Kazakh letters an epistolary novel illustrated by Guillaume Reynard Written by women, all those letters are addressed to Guillaume, a French man back in france after a long stay in Kazakhstan. Through their hopes, feelings, and humor which resonate throughout the illustrations and the letters by Olga, Ania, Katia..., a rich and subtle portrait of their recipient and of an unknown country is revealed. Editions Intervalles 96 illustrated pages - 16 cm x 19 cm November 2007
SOTCHI POUR MÉMOIRE / Sotchi for memory Drawings: Guillaume Reynard Poem: Jean-Claude Taki The authors of this book one day receive a terse message from a friend in broken French. "August 29 Olga sinking into the sea burial on September 6." To understand what has been happening in the city of Sochi, Russia, where Olga is gone forever, they set off in pursuit of the memory of this woman. This graphic and poetic journey is an intimate exploration of what is left behind when everything is finished. Urgent and mad pursuit of the memory locations. A fevered inner journey where pain is hidden behind the symptoms. Editions Intervalles 128 pages October 2013
SOTCHI INVENTAIRE / Sotchi inventory Novel : Jean-Claude Taki In the city of Sochi, Russia, a French designer wanders in pursuit of memories of a friend disappeared at sea In this city which combines the deepest traces of the Soviet system and the most violent revolutions of the capitalist system, the journey begins is also an inner journey. Editions Intervalles 224 pages - 12,5 cm x 19 cm October 2013
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